Denzel Curry's three act album Taboo is upon us, with the first chapter "Light" hitting the circuit this morning. If you haven't already done so, be sure to check it out; it's one thing to lament the current state of the culture, but if you're not actually supporting the young innovators out there dropping fire, talk will forever remain cheap. In any case, Denzel is sitting on what promises to be his most complete project thus far, and the Floridian rapper recently hit up Beats 1 to chop it up with Zane Lowe.

Speaking about the album, Zane brought up the fact that Dreamville's J.I.D was set to appear on a track. Denzel proceeds to heap praise onto the XXL Freshman, stating "he's the only person only person in this game that got me to write. His verse was so hard on that shit, I was like, 'I'm going back in. He's a lyricist, for sure." The song in question is "Sirens_Z1RENS," featuring J.I.D & Billie Eilish, who holds it down with some vocals in the chorus.

Expect "Sirens" to be one of the album's standout cuts, especially given the praise Denzel gave J.I.D's verse. If you've got goddamn Denzel Curry going back into the booth to rewrite, you already know it's about to be some fire.