Sometimes, a collaboration dies before it can truly live. Such has proven to be the case for Denzel Curry and Trippie Redd's recently announced "Clout Cobain" remix, which was teased during an interview with YesJulz. Though many wondered if the song, deemed excellent by the masses, would benefit from an additional party, others seemed intrigued to see where the joint endeavour was headed. Unfortunately, it would appear that Denzel has ultimately come to align himself with the former group, deciding to put a stop to the official remix before it ever came to see the light of day.

"I won’t be doing a Clout Cobain Remix," writes Denzel, via Twitter. "I think the song is perfect the way it is." Simple words, and confident at that. Though some may lament the death of the remix, perhaps it's for the best. "Clout Cobain" was an effective display of Denzel's artistic versatility, and one has to wonder if Trippie's presence would dilute the overall message. Barring a changed mind, perhaps we'll never know. 

Either way, fans are still holding out for the Ski Mask The Slump God assisted "Sumo" remix. Whether or not such a song will ever materialize, the jury is out. However, a song like that is likely better suited for the remix treatment; perhaps Ski Mask is the only rapper capable of going toe-to-toe with Denzel's geek friendly references.