Denzel Curry visited XXXTentacion's Fan Memorial yesterday, sharing his sympathies with others touched by the fallen rapper. The Carol City, Florida native has taken his commemoration a step further, getting matching ink on his forearm. Denzel got the words "Wing Ridden Angel" forged onto his arm, identical to the tattoo XXX bore on his right arm.

As history would have it, Denzel Curry shared a residence with Ronny J, JK the Reaper, and PoshGod they referred to as the ULT house, an incubator for creative types trying to stay out of trouble. Curry distinctly remembers keeping XXXTentacion under wraps, but not until he entered his life and passed through those walls.

The gang painted the walls in the ULT house and began throwing parties, helping them build a buzz in area. That's precisely how Denzel and his boys came into contact with Slump God, XXX and 'em. Once both scenes acknowledged each other's significance, they entered in a creative partnership integral to the current breeding grounds of Florida hip hop.

The words "Wing Ridden Angel" are sentimental to XXXTentacion, as they relate to Cinthia Perez, a woman that stuck by him through thick and thin. Denzel Curry follows in the footsteps of other rappers personally connected to XXX who have gotten tattoos in honor, including wifisfuneral who had got his rendered as face tats next to his right eye.