In the wake of dropping off album-of-the-year contender TA13OO, Denzel Curry has crossed paths with the Human Serviette himself, Nardwuar. 

As per usual, Nardwuar gains instant respect upon unearthing a relic from the past; in this case, it's a Freestyle Fellowship 45', prompting an incredulous response from Denzel. Nardwuar is hardly one to reveal his sources, however, opting for a mysterious "we have to know" when pressed. From that moment onward, a jovial tone is set, and the answers flow accordingly. The surprises continue to emerge, as Nardwuar provides Denzel with a "blast-from-the-past" photo, in which Zeltron is rocking an afro alongside his formative crew. While it may seem a simple gesture, it certainly sheds a welcome light on Denzel's personal history in a manner unexplored by most interviewers.

Eventually, Denzel can't help but wonder how Nardwuar remains so plugged in. "You the feds, bro?" he asks, straight-faced. "G-shit, where the wire at?" He proceeds to lose his mind at Nardwuar's sheer resourcefulness. "I don't know if you're fuckin police or you're just a really good-ass journalist. My mind is blown right now." In truth, a large percentage of the clip is made up of Denzel's shocked utterances. The entire interview can be best summarized by the moment at 5:25. "DAWG YOU EVEN KNOW N****S FROM MY BLOCK!?!?!?!" screams Denzel, eyes wide. 

Be sure to check out the full interview, especially if you've got love for Denzel Curry. Or Nardwuar. As you should.