Denzel Washington is one of the most recognized and respected actors in the world. Washington is busy promoting his first sequel film ever (Equalizer 2) right now, and in an interview with Peoplehe revealed that he is happy his son is following in his acting footsteps. 33-year-old John David Washington played football at Morehouse College, where he impressed NFL scouts and landed on the St. Louis Rams for their 2006-07 season. He also played for the NFL Europa team Rhein Fire. After leaving the Fire, John David played in the United Football League before he stepped away from pro-sports and began acting. Ironically, he now stars in HBO's Ballers as an athlete. 

Speaking with People, Denzel stated that his son suffered several injuries while playing football, and he is glad those days are behind him. “He’s had I don’t know how many concussions, a broken collarbone, a torn up knee and Achilles [tendon],” Washington stated. “No, I’m glad it’s over." The NFL has been under pressure in the last decade to make the game safer for their players. New rules to protect the ball carrier, especially the quarterback, have been implemented after the rise of CTE in players has made several experts question the necessity of the sport.