In one of the odder stories from the past 24 hours, New York Knicks point guard Derrick Rose went MIA before last night’s game against the New Orleans Pelicans. Today, he is back at the Knicks’ practice facility and is expected to suit up against the Philadelphia 76ers, although it seems like he may not start.

Derrick Rose had not spoken directly to the media or given a statement until today, with Joakim Noah seemingly having the best information on what’s going on. Now reporters at the facility have confirmation from Rose that the absence was due to a family issue and did not have to do with basketball. He did not elaborate on the issue, but said he ignored the Knicks' phone calls because he needed "space" to process the issue.

Rose will be fined by the team for missing the game, potentially almost $200,000, but will not receive any further disciplinary action. Knicks coach Jeff Horancek said last night that the reason for Rose’s absence “will become clear,” and that the team was so concerned before tip-off they sent someone to personally check on his apartment in New York City. Phil Jackson has reportedly accepted Rose's explanation.

Check out a few photos of Rose at practice today below.