It appears Derrick Rose is sick of the constant injuries he’s had to endure over his career in the NBA. In fact, the former MVP has actually stepped away from his current team, Cleveland Cavaliers, and is reevaluating whether or not he wants to come back at all.

According to ESPN, there’s a growing uncertainty inside and outside the Cavaliers franchise about whether or not Rose will return to the team. A source said Rose is “tired of being hurt, and it's taking a toll on him mentally.” He’s reportedly been non-communicative to multiple people close to him inside and outside the Cavaliers in recent days.

Rose has missed 11 of the Cavs' 18 games this season, including the past seven because of a sprained left ankle. HEll, dating back to 2012’s ACL tear with the Chicago Bulls, Rose has played in just 237 out of a possible 412 regular-season games.

The Cavaliers have made it clear that Rose’s absence from the team is excused. Speaking before Friday night’s game against Hornets, Cavs head coach Tyron Lue acknowledged that Rose is dealing with a personal matter, but said he does expect him back at some point.

“I don't have a time frame," Lue said. "You know, I want him to take his time. Like I said, it's a personal matter. Just know the team, the coaches, the organization, we all have his back. I wish him well, and we expect to have him back.”

"... He still is very talented, which you saw in the Washington game in the early part of it this year [when Rose scored 20]. And even last year," Lue said. "So, take as long as he needs to take, and we wish him well, and we want him back."

In addition to Tyron Lue, fellow teammate & Chicagoan Dwayne Wade also told ESPN that his thoughts are with Rose.

"I have been there. I'm sure guys before have contemplated the same thing. Especially when you have high expectations for yourself as a player, you're used to playing a certain level and a certain way, and every time you feel good and you think you're back, something else happens and something else happens and something else happens," Wade said. "Then it becomes more than just about [playing]. It takes away the love of the game a little bit. And that's the reason you play. And it becomes more than just about the money. And it starts becoming about your health and how you feel. How you feel. And it becomes tough. A lot of people don't really understand it at all.”

Hopefully D. Rose doesn’t call it quits like this. He needs a proper send off after the way he impacted the league. For the helluva it, Ive included some footage looking back at D Rose in his prime, and boy was he nasty.