Deshaun Watson has been a stud quarterback for the Houston Texans, leading them to the playoffs this season. While the year ended off with a disappointing loss to the Indianapolis Colts, the future is looking bright for the Texans. Now that the NFL season is over, many NFL stars are enjoying their break and Watson is definitely one of them. In the video below posted by TMZ Sports, the Texans star can be seen in the middle of a moshpit at a Travis Scott concert in Houston. Of course, Scott is from Houston and is currently on the second leg of his successful Astroworld tour. 

Watson and his friends seemed to be enjoying Scott's live rendition of his number one hit "Sicko Mode" which of course, features Drake. Watson has suffered injuries in the past so we hope he stayed safe while in the pit. La Flame fans can get pretty rowdy and the last thing the Texans need is for their star quarterback to go down with an injury that occurred in the offseason.

Scott has shown his support for the Texans, and just the Houston area in general, in the past as he attended their playoff game against the Colts back in January.