Sometimes, growling, snarling, and shouting "ya dig" simply won't do. Sometimes, you have to take things to the extreme. At least, that was Desiigner's logic during a recent altercation in New York City. A few days back, the rapper found himself in a traffic dispute with another driver, and the misunderstanding quickly escalated. In the footage below, the Timmy Turner rapper can be seen yelling "suck my dick," pulling his pants down, and whipping out the tool. Naturally, people weren't trying to see that, and the lewd gesture only served to inflame tension.

Both the recipient of the flash and a woman on scene began yelling back at the rapper, but it was too late - the retinal damage was already done. As if New York traffic wasn't already bad enough. And while the situation was clearly the result of some heated tempers, TMZ has reported that law enforcement officials are looking to have a word with Desiigner, specifically the NYPD. It's hard to say whether or not anything will come of this, but it's not exactly a good look for the rapper; pulling the dick out in broad daylight is seldom the wisest course of action. In fact, an angry enough person might very well attempt to make a case for sexual assault. 

In other Desiigner related news, the rapper has been hard at work on his  anticipated Life Of Desiigner album. There's no word on whether this recent debacle will have any effect on his situation, but we'll be sure to keep you posted.