It seems that one can't speak of Desiigner without mentioning Future, who apparently requested that Desiigner's name not be included in his new cover feature with Rolling Stone. His request was not only included but it became the most discussed takeaway from the cover story. As for Desiigner, he just came out with his debut mixtape, New English, and it has done little to change the popular opinion that the 19-year-old Brooklyn rapper owes most of his rapping style to Future. However, Desiigner has never revealed himself to be bothered by the rampant biting allegations that have been raised against him. In the past, in fact, he's trolled his detractors by purposely moving in ways that encourage comparisons with Future, such as dropping a track called "Pluto" at SXSW and jokingly teasing a "Purple Rain" mixtape (obviously aware of Future's own Purple Reign tape). 

Desiigner's latest controversial stunt, with which Future will not be please, took place at a recent show. He doesn't have a whole lot of material to his name, so he decided to partially perform some other notable hip-hop records, including "I Got the Keys," the DJ Khaled-hosted collab between Jay Z and -- yep -- Future Hendrix. Desiigner can be heard adding his signature ad-libs over Future's verse, and he raps along to Future's hook. The hook that he raps, of course, doesn't sound much different than the one heard on the backing track.