Destiny 2's latest expansion, The Black Armony, is proving to be the ultimate mind bender. Players have been tasked with unlocking Forges that require puzzle solving and special weapons to open. The final Forge, titled The Bergusia Forge, presented players with a puzzle so intense, that no one has figured it out. The top gamers in the world have convened at in-game location Niobe Labs to attempt to solve it, and Destiny 2 developer Bungie Games has decided to just unlock the Forge anyway. They have acknowledged that the puzzle is too hard, but gamers can still attempt to solve it although the Forge is unlocked. 

Although the best gamers in the world are already on the case, if you're interested in joining the attempts to solve the puzzle here, are instructions on how to get to Niobe Labs, via GameSpot:

As you enter the Outskirts, head south past where the Forge Saboteurs sometimes spawn and cross the bridge toward Sojourner's Camp. Pass through the camp area (you'll have visited here during Destiny 2's original story campaign) and look for a broken metal bridge at the far end. You can cross that bridge to access a gorge, which will lead you to a cave through which you can pass to access the hidden facility beyond.