The brand is strong, as Desus and Mero have been enjoying the spoils of their cushy Showtime upgrade. Now, a little over a year removed from their iconic feud with DJ Envy, the pair have come forward with an update. "A year ago, DJ Envy walked out of our appearance on The Breakfast Club," begins Desus. "This week, to celebrate his walkout anniversary, we sent him a peace offering and he loved it," chimes in Mero. The announcement proceeds to cut to a Breakfast Club clip, which finds Envy speaking about receiving a gift from the Bodega Boys.

"Shout out to Desus and Mero," says Envy, to the surprise of Charlamagne and Angela Yee. "They send me a gift last week man. Appreciate you guys, man," says Envy. Angela comes through with the question we've all been wondering: "were you on the toilet?" Envy neglects to answer, though he does claim the gift in question was a banana. Not pleased with Envy's sarcastic response, Yee doubles down on her requests, only to be rebuffed. "It's private," says Envy. 

Yet Desus seems happy to spill the beans. "We got him an edible arrangement that says happy anniversary from Dickhead and Pussy," he grins, affirming that money is no longer an issue given the Showtime cheques. Check out the clip below, and take a moment to reflect on the hilarious tilt that found Desus and Mero facing the unmitigated rage of an Envy scorned.