Desus Nice and The Kid Mero have teamed up with Pepsi to help out bodega owners across New York City whose business may be struggling during the coronavirus pandemic. The efforts were put on display in a new short film titled The Bodega Giveback.

Desus & Mero, BodegaEmma McIntyre / Getty Images

The short, uploaded to Pepsi's YouTube page, follows Desus and Mero as they help out JJN Corp Deli and Grocery owner Juan Valerio.

"It's something very powerful to lose what you love the most in a split second," Valerio says in the film. "Life goes on, and I decided to come back because he always taught me to work. Staying closed was disrespectful to him."

The two comedians gift Valerio a check to cover his 2021 rent expenses. Additionally, Pepsi is giving out $100 pre-paid cards for bodega patrons across NYC through December 20th.

"Bodegas are the lifeblood of the neighborhood and are central to the culture of New York. We’re children of immigrants – Juan’s story is our story – so we’re excited to work with Pepsi to be able to pay it forward and help him like he has done for so many," Desus and Mero say in the film.

Check out the clip below.