Jamaican-American comedian, and TV, YouTube, and Twitter personality, Desus Nice, is one of the funniest hosts on television, recently moving networks and performing for a larger audience. His recently announced show with Kid Mero has audiences excited to see what the two hilarious comedians have in store. The pair recently appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers to promote their upcoming series, and explained an incident that occurred with the police, while they were interviewing one of the most exciting young politicians in America right now - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Today, in honor of Father’s Day, Nice stepped into his office to give us all some insight into why he doesn't consider the occasion a real holiday.

During the video, an episode for his "Office Hours" series, the Bronx native talks about popping gifts for Father’s Day, things he’s starting to do that remind him of his own dad's actions, and whether or not he considers himself a father to his pets. "Shoutout to all the fathers out there, shoutout to the all fathers who aren't in their kids lives, shoutout to all the baby fathers.," he said. "I'm not a father," he says as he knocks on wood, "and therefore father's day is not a real holiday to me," he humorously explains.

When asked whether he regards himself as a pet father, he contemplates for a second before replying: "I wouldn't say it out loud, but probably. I spend a lot of money on my pets," he explains, "I review their pet food, i talk to them, try to enrol them in good schools, which is hard in New York city," he jokes. He goes on to admit that he finds naming yourself a "pet father is offensive to people with actual kids."