A Detroit police officer responding to a distress call is being suspended after video of him punching a woman square in the face surfaced on the web. The officer in the video has not been identified by his department head Chief James Craig. The suspension will account for an indeterminate period of recess, but the officer will not have his salary upend.

The video clearly shows the officer levelling the naked woman with at least 10 punches to the body. The footage is quite upsetting so view at your own discretion. The officer's superior says the officer in question was "entitled to due process" for his actions in the intervention. The initial call was in response to a woman traverse the streets without any clothes.

The woman appeared to be mentally unwell so officers did everything in their power to resist using force upon apprehension. "We know from our training and experience anytime we transport someone, particularly if they are suffering from mental illness for their safety and for the officers' safety and the community's safety that we handcuff," concluded Chief James Craig.

The investigation is ongoing so any clause can be re-opened, including the retention of the officer's salary. CNN has learned that the cop who brandished his fist in self-defence has 6 minor use of force incident reports to his name.