Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was asked after practice on Tuesday how he felt about NFL players choosing not to stand for the national anthem. 

According to the Dallas Morning News, Dez responded by not picking a side one way or the other.

"Whatever they got going on with that, that's them," Dez said. "I don't really have nothing to say about that."

Fans called out Dez on social media and the 3x Pro Bowler made it clear that he stands by the way he answered the question because he's "got a family to feed."

Bryant responded to a series of tweets in which he clarified, "I care about my black people," but added, "at the same time I have a family." Colin Kaepernick, who spearheaded the movement to kneel during the national anthem, is still out of a job.

Some players, like Seahawks defensive end, Michael Bennett, and Raiders running back, Marshawn Lynch, chose to sit during the national anthem prior to their preseason opener, and Bennett has said he will continue to do so throughout the upcoming season.

Check out Dez Bryant's tweets regarding his comments on the national anthem protests below.