Dez Bryant has been adamant about making a comeback and finding his way onto an NFL roster. Bryant still has the talent to be a productive member of a team although unfortunately, injuries have kept teams from making a move. With free agency quickly approaching, Bryant is in a great position to potentially get another chance and make a good impression. He has reportedly been talking to the Dallas Cowboys although these discussions are simply feelers and nothing more.

In some clips that made their way to Twitter, Bryant was seen catching passes from none other than Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is easily the best quarterback in the league right now and has the accuracy of a veteran QB. With this in mind, some fans are excited for the possibility of Bryant joining the Chiefs.

Realistically, this workout doesn't really mean anything other than the two players are friendly and wanted to get in some reps together. However, if Mahomes likes what he sees, we're sure he has the power to put in a good word with his organization. The Chiefs are contenders next season and Bryant would be joining the perfect situation.

If Bryant does come back, which team would you like to see him play for?