Dez Bryant fired off on a bunch of his ex-teammates and Dallas Cowboys staffers on Friday evening. The whole spectacle was broadcast in writing over Twitter, and yes the records haven't been erased. His row with his former employer is only heating up.

Dez Bryant was reacting to a SiriusXM NFL Radio podcast which aired an excerpt of an interview with Dallas Cowboys VP Stephen Jones. The audio clip aired certain grievances over Bryant's conduct last term, with Jones blaming Bryant for Dak Prescott off-year as the team's primary signal caller. His words and I quote: "Dak (Prescott) is working on his game & accuracy. He has to trust the system. I think that was tough last year with Dez Bryant in his ear. I think he’ll have the year he had last year if not better!"

Later in the interview, the Cowboys' executive also inferred that since-retired tight end Jason Witten was also "in Prescott's ear," causing interference. But needless to say, the potshot incited real fervor in Bryant.

Dez spoke of turmoil and of his unfair treatment until about his 3rd Tweet, when he dragged Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, center Travis Frederick and linebacker Sean Lee into the equation, the latter receiving the unenviable epithet of a "Snake."

While Dez Bryant seems to think his former teammate Lee was complicit in Jerry Jones' conspiracy to get him ousted, the linebacker pleaded his innocence and wished Dez nothing but the best. His response can be heard or read at ESPN