Free agent wide receiver Dez Bryant remains confident that he'll find a role on a team this season, but fans might have to wait until after the season gets underway to see him on the field again.

Bryant, who has been active on social media throughout his free agency, took to twitter today in response to speculation about whether or not he'll play in the NFL again. While answering a tweet from a fan where his Twitter handle was mentioned, Bryant wrote, "I just have to take care of me first....gave to much love and not received at least half back...I will play ball this year just might be a lil bit later in the year.. we will see." 

When another twitter user called him "Dez-perate," Bryant responded, "I know you want that garbage that’s coming out of your mouth to be true..but check this.. I can sign before this season start..if I don’t.. I will make less money which more likely to happen..I want to be right.. that’s my focus right is great over here."

Bryant turned down a three-year deal from the Baltimore Ravens earlier this Summer and most recently visited the Cleveland Browns, whom offered him a one-year contract worth less than $5 million, according to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio. ESPN reports that the 29-year old receiver prefers a one-year deal so he can re-establish himself in hopes of getting a bigger payday next season, but it's unclear whether a base value of less than $5 million is enough for him to sign with Cleveland.