Dice Soho Describes His First Time Getting High In Middle School On "How To Roll"

Milca P.
August 23, 2018 15:28

Dice Soho walks us through his first ever trip.

We first caught up with Dice Soho during a well-received Freestyle Session on the heels of the arrival of his definitive You Could Have debut album. Now, we’ve reunited with the Houston emcee in our latest edition of “How To Roll.”

This time around, the young emcee made his pick as he rolled up with a Swisher and the Pink Cookies strain. He did, however, admit that his favorite strain was OG, although he had none on him at the time.

During the conversation, Dice touched on the usual topics, including his first time ever smoking weed. It was in middle school he reveals, as was his second time which was when he experienced his very first trip. “It was crazy. My partners was fucking with me. When I first hit the blunt they told my when you hit it, you got to inhale it all the way. Keep it in you for like ten seconds and I hit it the first time, and I did that. I was fried all day,” he explains.

“The second time was my boy’s birthday. We was outside his partner’s crib and he had some White Owl. The weed looked crazy to me back then. We rolled up a Swisher. We got done smoking and we went inside the crib to play the game. I guess I started tripping. They said I was laughing so much, waking up his mama.”

“They was like ‘Dice, you tripping you got to go home.' So, I dipped,” he continues. “I started walking home and my neighborhood was across from the other neighborhood. So, I’m walking down the street. I’m like ‘Alright let me see how high I really am.” He explains that he attempted to walk down the median that separates both sides of the street in a self-administered own sobriety test.

“You know something crazy, bro?” he remembers of the instance. “I digged in my pocket and I found like a new Snicker bar. I was so happy bro. That shit was fire. Then, I made it to the crib and I think it was like two in the morning and I had school the next day.”

As crazy as it sounds, that’s only the first half of the interview.

Catch it in full up top as Dice describes his best techniques in rolling, explains why he doesn’t use a grinder, and name drops the “veteran rollers” that he hangs with.


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