Boosie Badazz... a snitch? I highly doubt that. That just seems to go against everything in his genetic makeup. 

A new video interview that Boosie Badazz did with RealLyfe Street Starz has gone viral because of one comment that the rapper made, which sounds like he's exposing DJ Khaled as a drug dealer. However, his words were very likely misconstrued or misunderstood.

When he was asked about the craziest thing he ever bought when he was on the come-up, Boosie Badazz said that he bought some cheap coke to flip.

Boosie Dj Khaled
Ben Rose/Getty Images

"I was on tour one time and bought two keys of coke off Khaled," says the rapper. But wait... It's very possible that that isn't what actually came out of his mouth. People are arguing online because, in reality, Boosie may have actually said the following: "I was on tour one time and bought two keys of coke out of Cali."

Once again, what he's actually saying is up for debate but, judging from his past actions, we highly doubt that Boosie would ever throw somebody under the bus for hustling and selling him coke. That just doesn't match his character. Even when he was facing the death penalty, he never folded so why would he now...

Watch the video below and see for yourself.