It seems that every time Eminem drops an album, there's a headache that comes with it. Before the year came to an end, Em slid through with "side b" of Music To Be Murdered By. Of course, fans were pleasantly surprised by its release, especially since rumors were circulating for months before it actually dropped. As he does on most albums, Em aired out his grievances but it was one particular shot at Snoop Dogg that turned an innocuous comment into a tense back-and-forth.

"Zeus" was Eminem's response to Snoop Dogg's claim that the Detroit rapper didn't sit in his top rappers list. This eventually turned into a back-and-forth on social media but recently, Snoop Dogg confirmed that all is well between himself and Slim Shady. Snoop said that the two are still friends, despite the rift.

Some don't seem to believe that, apparently. On Friday, Eminem emerged to, once again, call out his naysayers after Gen Z's attempt to cancel him. A music video for the appropriately titled, "Tone Deaf" was unleashed in response to the viral TikTok video but it seems that Eminem fans discovered what seems to be a shot at Snoop. Well, that's what the Internet folks are saying. At one point in the video, there's a house with an image of a dog that's crossed out. Some have interpreted it as a shot at Snoop Dogg while others are left shaking their head in disappointment that this is still a topic of discussion.