It's only been a little over an hour since Eminem returned to the game with his brand new single "Walk On Water." The Detroit legend enlisted the considerable skills of Beyonce for assistance, but was it enough to leave a positive impression? The early reaction to Revival's lead off single is already looking pretty mixed, which is interesting, especially once you consider the song's lyrical content. Basically, the single is all about Eminem confronting his insecurity, addressing the way fans have been picking apart all of his recent work. Therefore, it's no surprise that fans continued to pick apart his recent work, immediately taking to social media to share their thoughts. 

Unfortunately for Em's resolve, his comeback single has been taking a little bit of a beating. Fans who were expecting some of that promised Dr. Dre production were left high and dry, and he seemed to be continuing that acapella style flow he has adapted in recent years. Yet it wasn't all bad, and some fans are loving Em's honesty and lyrical vulnerability. Still, it does seem like he's been consistently picking apart his own older work for a while now, and he's already written off Encore, Relapse, and Recovery on wax. Maybe Em really is plagued with the insecurity he seems to grapple with in "Walk On Water," and if that's the case, he might want to avoid social media for a little while.

Here are what some of the early reactions are saying, including voices from our own community: