Lil Wayne and Travis Scott will be touching down in Houston, Texas on October 31st for a Halloween party that will also be a birthday celebration for Weezy disciple Jas Prince. The poster advertising the event, which is being called "Jas Prince's birthday ‘All Treats No Tricks' Halloween Knight," can be seen below.

Notice anything vaguely familiar? Well, at least one Twitter user did, outlining how one part of the poster may have lifted the logo of a well-known EDM outfit by the name of Knife Party. Apparently, the smiling "Jack-O-Lantern" face that makes an appearance on the event's poster is an exact recreation of the group's signature image, which also deals in the horror imagery department. Sometimes, this inclusions can be accidental, especially if a logo or image is widely available on a free platform such as Shutterstock. However, there's no mistaking the similarities here, which are too close for reasonable doubt to come into play. See the comparison below and judge for yourself.

No comment or response to the allegation has been made public by Lil Wayne himself or one of his representatives, but it will be interesting to see if further drama comes of this misstep, including any legal action from Knife Party. So far, the EDM duo hasn't voiced any opinion on the matter either. The use of artwork that has previously found a home someplace else isn't an uncommon occurrence in the music industry. Earlier this summer, Frank Ocean was accused of ripping off the likeness a German artist's project for use on one of his posters. These days, with copy-paste being a skill that basically everyone possesses, more artwork continues to be appropriated than ever before.

Bigger news still on the Lil Wayne front is the rapper's attempt to dissolve Young Money records. According to our previous report on the story, he's requesting the court to "appoint a receiver to supervise the operations of Young Money Label joint venture or order the termination of Young Money Label joint venture and appoint a liquidator." What began as a joint venture between Wayne and Cash Money could soon be but a memory, potentially folding fourteen years after it was originally set up.