If you listened to Rick Ross' new album Black Market, you probably caught the line Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman," on track 1. If anything, you may have been a bit weirded out by Rozay's choice to use Zimmerman's name in the punchline, but it was actually the Trump portion that media analyst Mark Dice took offense to, going as far as calling it a "terrorist threat". The YouTuber known for reporting on rumors and conspiracy theories went on to call all the major retailers, requesting for a statement on why they've chosen to sell the product.

In his latest video, Dice now claims that Walmart has in fact "quietly" pulled the album, as it has disappeared from their website. Whether or not Black Market has actually been taken off shelves has yet to be confirmed.

In the clip, Dice laughs off Wal-Mart's choice to pull the Dukes of Hazard toys for their use of the Confederate Flag, and repeatedly refers to the rapper as "Pig Ross," so you know the kind of dude we're dealing with here. We'll update with any new information.