While Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has recently been at the center of a Fast And The Furious family controversy, that seems to have given him even more motivation to go in at the gym. In fact, The Rock's latest Instagram workout video comes paired with some interesting motivational music - Hopsin's 2013 cut "Hop Is Back," which stands as one of the rapper's biggest tracks to date.  In the video, the Rock can be seen finishing up an intense set, draped in heavy chains, before delivering some potential shade in the direction of his Fast 9 co-star, Tyrese. "Big dogs eat," says The Rock. "Little crying puppies stay on the porch."

While this could, under normal circumstances, be seen as simple "tough love" motivational gymspeak, it's hard to ignore the growing tension between Johnson and his Fast And The Furious co-star Tyrese Gibson. A while back, Gibson unloaded some shade in Rock's direction, seemingly over The Rock's 2019 Fast spin-off pushing back the release of Fast 9 to 2020. While The Rock is largely beloved by all walks of life and respected as one of Hollywood's most hard-working actors, the preferential treatment the studio gave to Johnson's Fast franchise clearly had Tyrese feeling some type of way. And after holding nothing back on IG, it only seems natural that an alpha male of Johnson's caliber had to get in a few shots of his own.

While Tyrese is never once mentioned by name, The Rock's use of "little crying puppies" has a far more negative connotation than his usual motivational speeches. Therefore, it seems likely that The Rock is throwing a little shade in the direction of his co-star, even after Vin Diesel waded into the situation with an olive branch in hand. However, the whole thing seems blown out of proportion, and as of now, nobody has said anything truly inflammatory. Perhaps the Rock was simply fueled by all that Hopsin in the background - after all, his subsequent post was a heartfelt homage to a sick fan. No matter how you spin it, it's pretty damn impossible to hate on the legend that is Dwayne Johnson.