The week ended off on a sour note for young rapper XXXTentacion, who was jailed following seven new felony charges were levied against him, including one for harassing a witness. Though his legal situation has taken an ugly turn in recent days, one of hip-hop's best-known insiders is now saying that none of those newly-minted felony charges were the reason he was taken into custody. Instead, it may actually have something to do with the behavior of his fans.

DJ Akademiks has floated some new information about XXX's jailing on Twitter, saying that he was really taken into custody because of multiple threats made by the rapper's fans in direction of the judge who was supposed to preside over the case. "Apparently his fans threatened a judge till the judge had to remove himself off X's case," he said. "They are saying X is to be blamed since he posted the court info." That theory does hold some water if you look at the below footage, where the judge doesn't let the young Florida native finish his attempt to defend himself in court before being taken into custody.

There was also the question of authenticity in the moment from XXXTentacion, who the judge believed was simply putting on a show for his supporters in the court room and also his fan base online, where the clip has already circulated and been reacted to around the world. This is the second instance, the first being Meek Mill, where the judge has taken action based on actions that are unrelated to what the respective rapper is being charged for. Only time will tell if XXXTentacion will be made free of his situation in the near future or if he'll continue to sit behind bars, but the current outlook doesn't look good.

In recent days, the young rapper has also shown incredible frustration with the media community, proclaiming that many outlets are choosing to ignore his positive contributions to the community and instead solely harp on his past misdeeds.