Well, damn. Young Thug may have just surpassed 50 Cent in the running for biggest troll of 2015. Fans really thought that Metro Thuggin was gone forever. But now, it seems, the whole beef might have been a means of promoting Thugger's new song, "Hercules," which drops tonight...produced by none other than Metro Boomin

It all started when Metro tweeted about Future's incredible productivity this year, warning other rappers not to try to emulate his grind. Thug thought the young DS2 producer was taking subliminal shots at him, which led Thugger to proclaim himself "Michael Jackson" and Future a lesser member of the clan, Tito. And that, so it seemed, inspired Future to drop his own Twitter subliminal. Earlier today, Thug even threatened to "beat the shit" out of the young producer who produced "All Over" on Slime Season 2

Well, it looks like we all took the bait. Thugger just posted an Instagram video clip of a song called "Hercules" that he says will drop at 10:17 PM tonight (Nov. 12), aka GuWop o'clock. In the caption, he told his followers to comment "FUCK @metroboomin." However, "Hercules" seems to be produced by Metro Boomin. At the beginning of the clip, Thug yells, "Metro!", so one would think the song would either be a diss track or that it would feature Metro on the beat. 

And unless we're in for another troll, the latter is the case. Thug's main video director, Be El Be, confirmed on Instagram that "Hercules" is a Metro Thuggin collaboration. As you can see on the cover art, Metro Boomin's name is written right under the title. 

Yup, Thugger pulled a fast one. Let's see if his promotional tactic pays off. Look out for "Hercules," produced by Metro Boomin, at 10:17 PM. What a slime...