As everyone now knows, Donald Trump welcomed Kanye West to the oval office today for a luncheon but before they could get to the food, Kanye (of course) went on a serious rant explaining how being Black doesn't mean you have to be a Democrat. In the video, you can see Donald sitting and nodding as Kanye continues talking, not letting the President get a word in. 

The most notable (and cringe-worthy) part of the clip is at the end where Kanye lets it be known that he doesn't just like Donald, he loves him. The "No Mistakes" rapper even makes his way over to Donald and gives him a hug to let him know it's real. 

Kanye's public display of affection has understandably put him on Diddy's naughty list since Puff Daddy has noted him as not being his highly acclaimed title, Black Excellence. "Somebody tell this NEGRO to give me a call! #NOTblackexcellence," Diddy captioned the video on Instagram.