A great many kids excitedly unwrapped their Christmas gifts yesterday, hoping to receive exactly what they asked Santa and/or their parents (hey, not everyone is a believer) for. Sometimes certain wishes in this regard can prove to be untenable for those responsible for giving those gifts, financially or otherwise. However, that was definitely not the case in Diddy's household.

The accomplished rapper and producer shared a touching video on his Instagram profile yesterday of a very special present that he gave to his daughter for Christmas. Making a grandiose speech about how he's responsible for making everyone's dreams come true off the top, Diddy proceeded to reach into in a gift bag and reveal an adorable little dog, golden-brown in color, a present that was intended for his daughter. The gesture literally brought the young woman to tears. Check out the entire video below.

Many people have that memory of the one gift they've received in their lives that touched them in a very deep way. There's little doubt that this canine will be etched into the memory banks of all those who were in attendance for Diddy's wonderful surprise. Here's hoping that the moment will be cherished by his daughter for many years to come. 

It's just the latest episode in what has been a very eventful holiday season for the hip-hop mogul, who enjoyed an interesting jet ski excursion with Drake and DJ Khaled no long ago. You can check out all the details from that adventure here.