Diddy has been flexing his Ciroc vodka from the first day it came to life. He's posted up with bottles in music videos and clubs and for his latest shout-out to his alcohol brand, he hits the ice rink to go curling. 

In a short clip shared to his Instagram, you can see Diddy making moves on the ice where the voiceover says, "Ciroc ultra-premium, perfectly smooth." It kind of looks like Diddy's face was digitally placed on someone's body... that or the quality of the video just came out a little weak. Either way, it shows that Diddy is willing to do whatever it takes to constantly grow his brand - it's no wonder he's one of the highest paid artists of the year.  

The rapper and entrepreneur has famously had a few name changes and not too long ago many thought he was once again making a switch when he revealed that he was now going by "Love" or "Brother Love." The trend died out fast when he followed up his statement saying, "today I’ve come to the conclusion that you cannot play around with the internet.” 

“I didn’t change my name. It’s just part of one of my alter-egos, and one of my alter egos is love,” he added. “But to set the record straight because I have a lot of press to do in the next couple weeks, you can address me by any of my older names and if you want to still call me love you can call me love baby, but I was only playing.”