Diddy went absolutely ham at a strip club in Atlanta last night, bringing along his son Justin and step-son Quincy for the ride. The group, including Jeezy and more, rolled up in style to the venue with Diddy rocking a fur coat and a bottle of his Black Raspberry Ciroc vodka.

Videos on the music makers Instagram story shows piles of cash on the floor, in buckets and in the hands of nearly everyone at the club. 

The crew is in Atlanta for the Superbowl weekend and are seemingly getting things started early when it comes to the parties. This outing is the first time we've seen the "Last Night" rapper really hitting the scene since the passing of his former partner Kim Porter. 

Before Diddy's big night out, he previously dropped off a video reflecting on 2018 and all that he was hit with. 

"Sometimes you think your purpose is one thing...but life is ever changing. There's levels to this shit, but you gotta redesign and clarify your purpose," he said. "I had to take a little bit of time off, you know, 2018 was crazy. I took a lot of L's and that's life you know what I'm sayin'. Can't no money or whatever it is stop you from 'catchin' one."

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images