Diddy made headlines last week when he flaunted his massive wealth by purchasing Kerry James Marshall's painting, "Past Times," for a whopping $21 million at auction. The purchase set a record for the highest price tag ever paid for a painting by a living black artist. Everyone figured it was just a flex from an incredibly wealthy individual, but according to Diddy's adopted son Quincy Brown, that painting could be the start to something much, much bigger. 

TMZ caught up with Quincy at the LAX airport, and asked him about his father's purchase. "Now the art world is a different industry. That's no music industry, that's no TV film industry," Quincy said. "That's a whole other industry. That itself should tell you a lot."

Having lived with Diddy since he was a child, Quincy is definitely familiar with Diddy's drive, and ability to do anything that he puts his mind to, even if it's becoming an art collector. "He's done it all. What's left? Collecting art," says Quincy. "Not even because he's wealthy. He's doing the research, to step into this world and really be a big dog."

If anyone has the ability to make waves in the art world, it probably would be Diddy. He frequently tops the Forbes list of richest rappers, and he seems like he could create a real interest in a lot of black artists. 

When asked if Diddy plans to open his own Getty Center one day, Quincy responds with a confident, "Of course!"