Jacquees sparked up a huge debate in the past few days after he dubbed himself as the king of R&B of this generation. Needless to say, he was met with backlash from many people who believe that he hasn't earned that title yet. Now, Diddy has chimed in the conversation, suggesting that anyone who claims that title needs to have the resume to back it up.

Diddy took to Instagram to add his two cents in the King of R&B discussion. Diddy took to social media to formally address that whoever wants that title needs to do more than just release a few hit records.

"That word king is too loosely thrown around. Now, I understand that concept that we're all kings," he said. "Cats give away the king thing too early. You know, a couple of hits ain't gonna do it."

He continued to define the characteristics of R&B, saying that singers need to be "making love through your music," before defining the quality one needs before becoming the king of R&B.

"In order to be the king of R&B, first of all, you gotta start making some R&B. You have to be vulnerable. You have to be speaking about love. You have to affect women in a positive way, and yo ass gotta be able to sing. And we talkin' about really sing," he said. "You gotta write a #1 record. You gotta have a whole buncha. A whole buncha, buncha, buncha number one records. You know, that really means something."

Before signing off, Diddy added, "Oh, and the last thing is, the most important -- R&B is not being made right now. This is not R&B. I just want to make sure y'all clear. 

Peep Diddy's rant below.