Cardi B jumped on Instagram yesterday and decided to get a little political when she shamed Donald Trump for his recent moves of sending Federal Workers back to work, without getting paid. "Now, I don't want to hear any of y'all mothafuckas talkin' 'bout, 'Oh, but Obama shut down the government for 17 days.' Yeah, bitch! For Healthcare! So your grandma could check her blood pressure and you bitches could go check y'all pussy at the gynecologist with no mothafuckin' problem," Cardi said. 

"This shit is really fuckin' serious, bro. This shit is crazy. Like, our country is in a hellhole right now. All for a fuckin' wall."

Her woke-ass speech was re-shared by Diddy who praised the "Money" singer for using her platform for good and urging everyone to wake up to what's happening in America. 

"Cardi B has just lit the torch for 2019. This post will go down in history. It’s time to wake up people. Like wake up, WAKE UP!!" Diddy wrote alongside the video, adding: "@realdonaldtrump stop the bullshit now."

Watch it again in full below.