This November will mark two years since the untimely passing of Kim Porter. The late actress and model passed away at the age of 47 from pneumonia in her home in Toluca Lake, California, leaving behind four children, including three she shared with Diddy. The mogul has made a concerted effort to celebrate her life on social media on a regular basis.

Diddy shared a Sunday tribute to Kim Porter on Instagram with a message to his followers to keep their loved ones as close as possible "because tomorrow is now promised."

"Cherish what you have. Love on them. Kiss on them. Hug on them. Spoil them. Listen to them. Because tomorrow is not promised. A message from Love," he wrote. "Have a beautiful Sunday people."

Since Porter's passing in 2018, Diddy has publicly expressed his regret in never actually marrying her. The mogul shared a heartfelt eulogy at her funeral detailing how she was with him during one of the darkest periods of his life, even though they weren't together. 

"She felt like God sent her here to help me out. I'd be like, 'Girl, what are you talking about?' I didn't really understand how to love [...] She really started breaking down the exterior of any shell that I put up," he said.

Check out his post below.