Former pro-athlete Dikembe Mutombo's fancy Rolls Royce took a bad hit recently. According to TMZ, the sports star's expensive car was vandalized this past Sunday night and surveillance footage captured the whole thing. Interestingly, the video also appears to be showing that the criminal toying with the NBA legend's car for several minutes as the incident happened. The whole thing went down in Atlanta at Landmark Diner on Father's Day and the authorities revealed that the windows to Mutombo's 2009 Rolls-Royce Phantom were notably damaged by the vandal.

In the video obtained by TMZ Sports, we can see someone in the parking spot near Mutombo's car around 10:30 PM. The unidentified individual then steps out to damage the luxurious ride. Sources informed that Mutombo's car was one of the many rides to be hit that night in the parking lot and the Atlanta Police Department has since launched an investigation to further look into the incident. The restaurant manager to Landmark shared that he was tired of criminal acts and would be hiring private security very soon. As for Mutombo, TMZ was unable to acquire any comments from him or his team. Though, we expect further details on this later.