Earlier this week, Kanye West revealed the latest line of his Yeezy Season 6 collection in a pretty unique fashion. The rapper revealed the line through Kim Kardashian's Instagram with several of their celebrity friends modelling the clothes while looking damn-near identical to Kim. Some of the people included with Paris Hilton, Amina Blue, the Clermont Twins and many more. Now, it looks like Diplo missed out on the fun so he decided to recreate some of the images and share it on Twitter.

Diplo hit Twitter yesterday to share his own take on the Yeezy Season 6 collection. The producer tackled Paris Hilton (Or Kim Kardashian's) likeness with photos of himself dressed with a blonde wig and a coffee cup along with Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebras in Hollywood West. It's pretty hilarious take on it and it doesn't seem as if Kim K. had any issues with what he did. Shortly after he posted it, she quoted the tweet with three laughing emojis. Who knows, maybe this is Diplo's gateway to landing a modeling position for the next Yeezy collection.

Diplo and Kanye West have worked together in the past so it's unlikely that 'Ye would take offense to this either. Diplo was around during the Watch The Throne era and on a Reddit AMA, he said they did a few records together. In addition, he also shared a story on TBS' Storyville about the time he hung out with Kanye during the WTT sessions where Kanye predicted getting married to Kim Kardashian and becoming a fashion designer. 

Peep the posts below.