Disney is looking up make future releases for the Star Wars franchise stronger than ever, and that's not just with the films. EA Games is currently handling the Star Wars license when it comes to video games but according to PCGamer, Disney is resurrecting Lucasfilms Games to help them with future Star Wars releases.

Dario Cantatore/Getty Images

LucasArts used to develop and publish games within and outside of the Star Wars universe before they shut their doors in 2013. Disney acquired LucasArts in 2012. However, recent job listings on the Disney Careers website reveal that they will be bringing people on board to work on “interactive products" for LucasFilms Games, the successor of LucasArts. They're also hiring people to work as producers and in the marketing sector.

The job description for the producer gig reads that the ideal candidate would help with "interactive products that incorporate Lucasfilm IP, such as Star Wars film and television properties, across all digital platforms, including but not limited to: Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows), Console (Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch), PC/Mac, and AR/VR platforms."

They also asked candidates to have a “passion for Star Wars and other Lucasfilm IP.”

It appears as though Disney isn't entirely happy with the way EA's been handling the Star Wars video games since they've flopped on a few projects in the past. However, LucasFilms Games won't be dropping EA anytime soon. EA's work with Disney is set to run until 2023, giving LucasFilm Games a few years to develop their first project.