For the last few weeks, DJ Akademiks and Meek Mill have been going at it over the rapper's claims that he will have Ak canceled. Until now, not much has happened to Ak that would reflect what Meek was saying and, because of that, the media personality is laughing at Meek, taunting him during a recent live-stream.

Speaking about how Meek Mill threatened to have him canceled, DJ Akademiks asked the rapper what happened with that, challenging him to a one-on-one fight and claiming that Meek really has no power in the industry.

"Meek, you're not that n***a," said Ak on Live. "I want you, on an industry level, to bully me. You can't do it. I feel so offended. I'm not challenging Meek on no street level. I'm challenging Meek because he thinks he's that n***a. Meek, you can not do anything on an industry level to Akademiks. When you think you can, talk to me. Otherwise, I heard Roc Nation put you on mute."

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

This is the first we hear about Roc Nation potentially being angry with Meek Mill. Ak goes on to claim that they're pushing back all of his upcoming releases to next year, giving the rapper time to calm down.

"You thinking that you could cancel me, you must be out of your fucking mind. I'll sit here every day and say that. Meek Mill can't do nothing. Who do you think I am, Meek? You're unimportant. You think this 2015 or 2016 or even 2014?"

Later in the stream, Akademiks challenges Meek Mill to a one-on-one fight, claiming that the Philly native would never accept. He also says that, after their feud, Nicki Minaj has respect for him.