DJ Carnage just shared an Instagram post of him getting down to some music he crafted with the late XXXTentacion. The song in question has never been heard, and it's hard to ascertain whether Carnage has the legal precedent to get it published. XXX can be heard rapping "I'm dripping sauce, heyyyyy, water like VOSS heyyyyy," as Carnage's bass reaches an unnerving level of amplitude. The EDM traplord outfitted in Bret "the Hitman" reflective shades, makes it a party of one with no one's asking.

The demand for unreleased XXXTentacion material is clearly at an all-time high, with rappers like Fat Nick scrounging together rough materials to prolong his memory. Fat Nick's insistence earlier in the month alerted XXXTentacion fans to the existence of an unreleased Lil Peep collaboration titled "Falling Down." Many fans were quick to call bullshit on the origin of each verse, but all signs point toward "Falling Down" being pieced together in good conscience. There are likely plenty of producers and rappers holding onto spare verses they've either paid for or requested some time before XXX's passing.

DJ Carnage recently released "El Diablo" featuring Sludge in an effort to further his cause into full-blown EDM, the tinges of hip hop rendered imperceivable. Keep it locked for an announcement regarding his plans for the unreleased XXXTentacion blammer.