Since coming onto the music scene Lil Uzi Vert has become a lightning rod for fans and critics. But he's much more than wild clothes and hair, but a multi-tool capable of high energy performances, singing, rapping, and harmonizing. He has crafted a very unique and different sound from his predecessors and peers.

However, all those abilities aside the tradition of the hip-hop community celebrates what many feel is the essence of rap; a toughness defined by hard lyrics, delivery, and punchlines. Uzi goes against the foundation of how a rap song is crafted and delivered, which has placed him in the wide casting net of "mumble rappers."

Sitting down with Pigeons and Planes DJ Drama and Don Cannon, who discovered Uzi, discussed what they felt about Uzi being thrown into that category:

Don Cannon: "I don’t believe in mumble rap. When I was young, they tried to box out Das EFX, they tried to box out Ultramagnetic MCs—it’s just a term in rap. Every time artists turn the page in rap it’s always going to have some kind of criticism. I think the criticism comes from rap being so competitive and changing so many lives, they’re always trying to coin it something different every single time: Trap music, EDM, rock-rap. Then you have hardcore hip-hop when Mobb Deep and everyone was coming in. Then we had the jiggy period. They just need to put some kind of name on what’s going on for the time period of rap. That’s just us as culture." 

DJ Drama: "I think every generation gets criticized for something, especially when you’re rebellious with your sound. I think the more and more with Uzi’s artistry and peoples’ respect he’ll grow out of that term and box. I remember Lil Wayne being criticized early on in his career. I think we’re just breaking the tip of the iceberg of what people can come to and have seen with Uzi’s talent and his work. Those terms don’t really bother me because I see beyond it."

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