As previously reported, DJ Envy made quick work of the fire escape during Thursdays' edition of The Breakfast Club. The invited guests Desus and Mero were pressing the issue of his wife staying on board with him "for the money".

DJ Envy's sexual proclivities became a subject of amusement long before reports surfaced of him cheating on his wife of many years. The couple worked out their differences but the joke has remained in circulation. Desus and Mero who make a living making jokes at other people's expense, managed to cross that imaginary line today. 

DJ Envy explains that he heard the comedy duo diss his wife over a month ago, and let it slide. Desus and Mero were commenting over footage of the couple discussing their marriage on a talk show which they followed up with a joke about Envy's wife Gia. The joke insinuated that she had been persuaded into sticking it out by virtue of being offered an expensive gift.
When the topic was again brought up by the duo during this morning's segment, Envy felt they had crossed a line, and its at that point that he decided to walk off set to make his point. He was no longer going to tolerate any misuse of her name. In the hours since the recording, all parties have smoothed out their differences. Listen to his full response below.