Power 105’s famed radio personality DJ Envy had quite the encounter with Nas years ago. Talking on VladTV's true hip hop stories segment, Envy shared an interesting story about the time he had a gun pulled on him by a young Queensbridge rapper by the name of Nas.

When telling the story, Envy did reveal that this was both early in their careers and right around the beginning of the mixtape era. Along with not having much luck in the game and having to hustle his mixtapes, Envy ran by Nas after leaving an event at Nassau Coliseum. He then explains how the encounter all went down,

“This was when mixtapes was big. And I was—And this was when nobody would take my mixtapes,” Envy said. “I mean, I was trying to sell mixtapes to everybody. And at the time Clue was popping and all they wanted was Clue. So, I remember coming out the Coliseum and I seen Nas and I think it was a Lexus. So, I seen him I was like, ‘Oh shit, that’s Nas.’ So, now I got my mixtapes and I’m running up the block. I’m like ‘This is Nas. I’m in Queens. You don’t see this. This is Nas.’ It’s me and my mans with me and I’m like ‘Yo Nas, hold up. I got something for you.’ So Nas, he stops and he looks at me and he tells the girls to get in the car. He says ‘What you got for me?’”

Continuing the story, DJ Envy shared the details of Nas pulling a gun on him after his “I got something for you” comment was taken as more of a threat from Nas.

“I go in my bag and when I come up [from] my bag, Nas has a gun on me,” DJ Envy said. “‘What the fuck you got for me? What you mean you got something for me?’ I’m sitting there like, I dropped my bag and everything. I’m like, ‘A mixtape. It’s just a mixtape. I swear, it’s just a mixtape. Look, look, look. Mixtape, mixtape.’ And Nas gave me the look…He did one of these ‘Yo, you know shit is real out here, man. You don’t come up to nobody and say ‘you got something for me,’ man. Gimme that mixtape.’ He took the mixtape, put the gun back in his pants, went in his car, and drove off.’ And after that I’ve never approached another artist with, ‘I got something for you.’ Never again.”

Looks like Envy’s hustle paid off in the long run. Artists, take a lesson.

Watch Envy tell the story below.