DJ Envy is known to many people as one of the hosts of The Breakfast Club radio show on Power 105.1. He has enjoyed a long and successful career as one of the industry's leading voices and breakers of new artists. However, last night on Twitter, fans got to see a different side of him that no one could have predicted. Apparently, the broadcaster has a thing for strap-ons.

A series of Snapchat messages that were supposedly his leaked online yesterday (October 25th), where the DJ and radio host was shown getting his verbal freak on with an unidentified conversation partner. He enthusiastically talked about getting some tongue action in the back door area, as well as being on the receiving end of some strap-on action. There's no indication as to whether or not the person that Envy was supposedly hitting up on Snapchat was male or female, nor if the messages were real or not, but that detail was all but lost in the utter shock that the Twitterverse displayed when reading the scandalous material.

DJ Envy responded to the report by telling commentors that they were "vicious," before promoting a club gig he had later on that night. There was no explicit confirmation or denial, so I suppose the rest of the story will be unexplained in the interim. Reading some of the Twitter reactions, however, was absolutely priceless. Here are just a few, listed below.

According to Bossip, DJ Envy denied that the messages were real later on in front of his radio show crew as well, as witnessed by the excerpt below:

“Let’s find out who’s being cyberbullied,” said Envy. “I would prefer you to say digitally penetrated,” said Charlamagne. “Envy did tell me somebody had been harassing him and hitting up all these blogs,” said Yee. “[The Snap Chat] doesn’t say Sir Envy one.” “I’m not gonna entertain this bull crap that you’re spitting out Angela Yee, anybody can make anything appear,” said Envy. “I don’t like any of it! There’s nothing going in my butt. This is stupid.”

Update: DJ Envy (whose real Snapchat handle is SirEnvy1) joked around about the incident in a new video posted to Charlamagne Tha God's Instagram account. You can watch that clip below.

Check out our full interview with DJ Envy via HNHH TV below!