Demi Lovato has been very vocal about her past struggles with mental health and drug and alcohol abuse. The singer recently celebrated an impressive milestone in her life, reminding her that she has come a long way since escaping her demons. 6 years ago, Demi made the decision to get clean and DJ Khaled and Kehlani took time to praise the noteworthy accomplishment during a stop on their joint tour. Taking the stage to join Demi, Khaled and Kehlani took the mic to congratulate her on achieving six years of sobriety, helping her ring in her "sober birthday" by singing the conventional "Happy Birthday" song.

Before they broke out into song, Khaled and Kehlani both took turns outlining what they admire about the songstress in a touching show of love. Khaled gushed, "I watched your documentary. I watched it a few times and every time I look at you, I say 'this is a strong queen.'" The producer and DJ followed up his sincere message, "What you've overcome, through trials and tribulations, through dark clouds, you've found the sunshine and now the sun is shining on you forever."

Kehlani told Lovato that she has given her hope throughout her personal struggles. Before giving the mic back to Demi, her tourmates prompted the crowd to break out into a rendition of "Happy Birthday." Although Demi's actual birthday is in August, the act is heartwarming as she celebrates an important occasion in her life. Watch the full video below.