DJ Khaled is no stranger to investments, or money in general, actually. The DJ, producer and master album curator has been incredibly smart with his cash, investing in companies like Ciroc while watching his money grow. Nipsey Hussle is big in the Los Angeles music scene and hoping to see some additional success in a real estate side hustle. Both have teamed up, along with Luol Deng of the Los Angeles Lakers, to join an investment syndicate led by The Confluent Group CEO David Gross to bid on the luxury Los Angeles Viceroy Santa Monica hotel. 

The hotel, located on Ocean Avenue in downtown Santa Monica, is in a prime location and features a uniquely cool vibe. The property began being shopped in the summer of 2017 and DJ Khaled and Nipsey appear to have taken the bait, joining the group of investors to put in a leading bid. Luol Deng, forward for the Lakers, is currently raking in lots of money as he has rarely seen the court this season, yet is still being paid this year's portion of his 4-year, $72 million contract. He doesn't have much to lose joining Nipsey and Khaled on the investment front. 

If Khaled and Nipsey's squad are successful in their bid to acquire the historic hotel, they will become the first minority-led group to own a luxury hotel in Santa Monica. Check out the official press release here.