Somehow, DJ Khaled can find a way to make something an "alert." It doesn't quite matter what it is, he's simply that in tune with his own vernacular. Throughout the course of his brief conversation with Zane Lowe he teases a "catalog" alert, while dubbing Drake a "special cloth alert." Such expressions are part of what make Khaled such a unique presence in the game, and though his seemingly unfettered optimism can occasionally test flimsy wills, you have no choice but to respect the man's hustle. After all, he's nothing if not connected, with a seat at many a prominent table.

Now, DJ Khaled has secured a copy of Quavo's Quavo Huncho album, and will be premiering it tonight on his Beats 1 show, 6 PM west coast, 9 PM eastern. "Listen, I'm going to do a catalog alert. Not only to remind you of who Quavois, but how much work he's done," teases Khaled. "What I was doing is, I'm going to need a year of days just to go through all his features in his own catalog. Quavo works hard -- shoutout to the Migos." And while Khaled is prone to hyperbole, he vows he has already listened to the project "700 times." Lofty praise.

Despite fielding questions about his upcoming Father Of Asahd album, Khaled makes sure to keep the focus on Quavo, the man of the hour. "Shout out to everybody that's part of the team. Coach K, Q, the amazing executives. Shout out to the entire Migos. Quavo, I want to say congratulations in advance, because the album is incredible," he says, before teasing a standout contributor.

"Lil Baby is one of my favorite artists. I love Lil Baby," teases Khaled. "Lil Baby ripped it down. He was somebody else on this album that I noticed he didn't put on that paper. I ain't gon' say it, because you've got to tune in to We The Best Radio." While Quavo did, in fact, tease Lil Baby's involvement, it's still nice to see Khaled putting added shine on an up-and-coming young artist. 

Ya'll ready for that Quavo Huncho album?