According to his latest update on his wife's pregnancy, DJ Khaled is expecting to welcome his second child very soon. Khaled revealed in an Instagram video on Sunday that he and his "queen," Nicole Tuck, are on "MAJOR BABY WATCH ALERT" after the doctors told him that baby #2 could be arriving within the next 24 hours.

After reminding us to always put good and great energy out into the world and say "bless up," The "Father of Asahd" informs his viewers that he'll be the father of another mini legend before we know it, since Asahd's brother could be arriving as soon as tomorrow. However, he is leaving it up to fate. "It's on God's hands," he reminds us. "And man, his hands is incredible." Khaled also assures us that he's planning to get a haircut before the anticipated birth. "I want my new son, baby #2, Asahd's brother, to see his dad with the most freshest lineup ever." Fair enough.

The couple announced they were expecting their second child last September. This past month, Khaled has been avidly updating fans on Nicole's pregnancy as the baby's birth gets closer and closer. On Saturday, he shared a video of himself asking Asahd what he wants his baby brother to be named. "Baby brother," Asahd responds to the amusement of Khaled and Nicole. Honestly, it's a pretty solid suggestion.