Ever since the birth of his son Asahd, DJ Khaled has been screaming his name from the rooftops. Taking every chance he can to speak about his baby, Khaled has shown to be fully involved in his son's life and it's beautiful to watch. While the life of a musician gets hectic at times, Khaled has taken time to raise Asahd, spending as much time as he can with him. Last week, Asahd was introduced to the Miami Heat crowd as an "executive producer" after his involvement on both the Grateful and Father of Asahd albums. Today, Khaled shared a quick glimpse of their family life, taking a moment to chill and enjoy time with his loved ones.

The producer updated his Instagram page this morning with an adorable video of himself playing with Asahd. Baby Asahd offers his feet to Khaled who takes a whiff and immediately exhales "oh my goodness!" before pretending to faint. Repeating the game a few times, Asahd laughs excitedly each time before an embrace with his dad. Taking a break from becoming a global brand and producing on his father's upcoming album, it's nice to see one-year-old Asahd Khaled take time to himself.

DJ Khaled is currently working on his next album, titled Father of Asahd, which is set for a release this year. Check out the cute clip below.